LONDON — Signal AI, the media monitoring and market intelligence company, has launched “next generation” technology to help PR and communications teams keep on top of the most significant stories by market sector.

The technology, known as AIQ, now powers Signal AI’s platform, which aggregates and analyses digital, print and broadcast media and regulatory data. It will also allow the firm to offer new services.

These include Signal AI Briefings, a product that has been developed in response to demand from PR teams for a tool to help them sift through a high volume of news. The Briefings service uses AIQ to cluster and rank content and create a briefing note of a manageable number of the most important stories for specific industries.

Signal AI said the PR and communications industry had been “poorly served by incumbent legacy technology that has failed to meaningfully integrate artificial intelligence” and that AIQ “heralds a step-change in the use of AI to address common public relations challenges.”

Luca Grulla, the company's VP technology, told PRovoke: “We wanted to empower PR professionals around the world to be more effective and more strategic. We’ve been working with AI to solve PR challenges from our inception, but this is about moving to the next level, combining more sophisticated clustering, ranking and algorithms in high-volume news scenarios where there are hundreds of articles to sift through every day.

“It was previously really hard to identify the most important stories. The PR teams who have had access to Briefings so far are super-excited, because it’s not only a time saver but allows them to focus on what’s really important in their sector.”

Signal AI co-founder and CEO David Benigson added: “Our vision is to provide communication professionals and senior leaders with the same clarity and transparency about the world beyond their organisation as they have inside it.”

The development of AIQ comes after Signal AI raised $25 million in a Series C funding round last year. It also expanded into the US and APAC in 2019, with new offices in New York and Hong Kong.